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Content Advisory

DG3 is one of the largest financial communications company in the world. We know your industry. VSION is both collaborative and responsive. Clients choose to link their existing processes to our platform due to our system flexibility; we have the technology and platform to give you the outputs you require, as quickly as you need them.

Our workflow flexibility is unparalleled and suited to your processes. Whether you choose to work with VSION self-service or you want to be supported by our managed service team, your choice. To meet security, scalability, and compliance requirements, we use the world’s most secure and stable cloud technology from Microsoft.


Our financial reporting advisors help reduce compliance risk while providing the process efficiency you need in an external financial reporting partner.

Process Efficiency

  • Time Savings
  • Content segmentation
  • Content always accessible in real-time
  • No waiting for turnaround of changes

Reduce Compliance Risk

  • Complete control of content via single, secure platform
  • Consistency and accuracy
  • Information security

Get More from Your Budget

  • Reduced staffing, auditing and legal costs
  • No fees paid to financial printer or any other third party
  • Elimination of unpredictable, costly charges

Team Collaboration

  • Central project management dashboard
  • Collaboration via SharePoint
  • Version control, including previous versions
  • Granular permissions to manage access to content

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